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Crew Leader

A Crew Leader is an employee who can do everything a Field Tech can do but has proven himself/herself to lead a small team when performing daily tasks. They are given their daily schedule every morning and we go through each job individually to discuss what needs to be done.

Job Description and Purpose

A Crew Leader’s biggest responsibility is being able to lead his/her team and complete their given tasks as efficiently as possible. They must be able to hand out criticism but also be able to take it. Teamwork is essential to building a strong company and Crew Leaders MUST exercise that. In short, conscientiousness is an absolute requirement.

Initial Skills Required:
  • Must be able to perform ALL of the skills required by Field Techs at a high level

  • Must be able to manage a small team of people

  • Must be able to communicate effectively

  • Must be able to drive a truck with a trailer attached

  • Must be able to remember street names and possess strong routing-sense when driving job-to-job

  • Must be able to adapt to different situations and put the company and team first

  • Be proficient with technology, as Crew Leaders will have a mobile device/tablet provided in their trucks which provide the schedule each and every morning.

  • Receives the schedule at the start of every day and discusses strategy and tactics on what needs to be done

  • Strives to become as efficient as possible and complete daily tasks with speed, without sacrificing quality

  • Leads his/her team as a leader, not just a manager

  • Gives constructive criticism when it is due but is also able to take it

  • Communicates with clients when at various jobs

  • Communicates with the company and team on any updates via mobile device

Other Requirements:
  • Must have a valid driver’s license

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Must have consistent transportation

  • Must be open to a background check

  • Must have worked in a managerial position for any business for at least a year (does not necessarily have to be lawn care, references required)

  • Must have worked in a lawn care company for at least two years (references required)

  • At a minimum, must hold a documented education level of a high school degree or equivalent (GED)

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