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Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is the highest-level position in the field one can receive. As essentially the “Head Coach” of all employees working in the field, the Operations Manager works alongside the Owners in overseeing all daily field operations at Triad Maintenance.

Job Description and Purpose

The Operations Manager’s primary purpose is to ensure that all crews working in the field are completely prepared and ready to take on the day. They keep all lines of communication open between all facets of the business and are also responsible for estimating jobs and setting up meetings with clients if required. 

Initial Skills Required:
  • Be incredibly proficient with all lawn equipment

  • Have a great memory

  • Understand running multiple people and the responsibilities that come with it

  • Be adaptable to changes in operations and lead around it

  • Be graceful, yet firm when dealing with problems

  • Schedule the daily operations in the field for all crews and ensure maximum efficiency

  • Make sure all crews have everything they need for the day

  • Follow a disciplined system on checking clients’ homes and meeting with them if required

  • Be incredibly friendly and assertive in communication when discussing business matters

  • Find ways to improve and be open to offering ideas

  • Understand how to price services under our umbrella and how to estimate services

  • Run important errands for the business

  • Use a mobile device to update various things for the business

  • Train Field Trainees when required

Other Requirements:
  • Must have a valid driver’s license

  • Must be at least 22 years of age

  • Must have consistent transportation

  • Must be open to a background check

  • Must have worked in a managerial position for any business for at least two years (has to have been for a lawn care company, references required)

  • Must have worked in a lawn care company for at least four years (references required)

  • At a minimum, must hold a documented education level of a high school degree or equivalent (GED)

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